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Parteneriat fără frontiere

Scopul proiectului - stabilirea condiţiilor necesare în vederea unei cooperări eficiente între instituţiile educaţionale precum şi îmbunătăţirea serviciilor publice educaţionale...

Întâlnire de lucru parteneri ş…

În data de 13 mai 2011 a avut loc la Kisvarda a şasea întâlnire de lucru în cadrul proiectului. Discuţiile au debutat cu cuvantul de deschidere din partea gazdelor: Andras RAKOCZI - Manager al Asociaţiei de Dezvoltare Regională KIUT Jolan CZAP-– Dire...

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Echipa de tineri.

Santa Renata
My name is Santa Renata and I have 13 years old.

I study at the Highschool of Arts in Baia Mare and can honestly say that music it is one of most beautiful things in my life.

During my free time I like reading, playing basketball... and almost all pas Smile.
Santa Renata

My name is Carina Coste and I'm 15.

I'm studying music at the High-School of Art in Baia Mare, Romania where I learned to play flute and piano and I like this a lot.

People know me as a nice person, funny and dreamy. I don't know, that's what they say. I love music (especially rock music), theatre and everything about art. 

In my free time I like to read, to go out with my friends and relax. So, enough about me. See you there!
Santa Renata
My name is Cristina Cardos and I’m fifteen years old.

I am student at the High School of Art.

I’ve studied the violine 8 years participating at some competitions winning many awards. My hobby are: to swim, to ski, to listen music, to play basketball and to play violine.

The High School of Art is an European school, who made many partenerships with schools from Europe.
I participated in the Grundtwig parteneship in 2008 in Spain and with the European students orchestra in Switzerland last year. These projects are special opportunity to meet many people and learn more new things. I’m glad to be here! l
Santa Renata
My name is Andra Enasoiu.

I am 14 years old and I like theater.

I'm at the art high school at drawing profile because I love to draw. I spend my time outside with my friends, on computer or reading. I love to read vampire literature and romantic literature and I listen to rock music.
Santa Renata
My name is Debra Băzărea.

I am 15 years old and I live in Romania. I study at the National Collage “Vasile Lucaciu”.

I have a lot of hobbies but my favourite is playing the piano.

I like meeting new people because I’m a very friendly person. I like living in Romania because everyone here is friendly, like me.
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